writing that wowed me this week

Writing that Wowed Me (11-24-2018)

Writing That Wowed Me This Week


Welcome to this week’s list of some of the most interesting writing which I’m reading this week.  This list includes blog posts, financial articles, and the occasional nontraditional post.  This list serves as a resource for me and subsequently a regular source of top quality content for you.

I’ve found little time to read this week with the Thanksgiving holiday.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing but progress is slow on my end of year goal and I will be very unlikely to finish at this point.

A Quick Life Update


On Thursday Erica and I had much of our family over for Thanksgiving.  We were 10 in all.  This is the third year in a row I’ve used an oil-free turkey fryer and I find the results completely inconsistent.  Financially, we spent an extra $100 on groceries and alcohol for Thanksgiving.  We had budgeted additional so no complaints there.

This week I ran 7.5 miles on my long run and competed in a 5K Turkey Trot.  I blew my November 5k goal out of the water and ran a 9:07/mile average.  I only walked 3.8 miles which is a huge decrease from last week.  All in all total running/walking exercise was 14.4 miles or a 15% decrease from last week.  This is two decreases in total miles in a row.  I need to address this.

I spent the majority of this week off of work and took the opportunity to complete the backsplash tile in my kitchen.  I did this project in 3 parts.  Each area is about 20 square feet of tile each.  I believe I spent about $500 in materials to complete this between tile, adhesive, trim and grout.  That’s a bit less than 8 per square foot.  I would have easily spent another $400-$500 on labor for the tiling work I did myself.  But I also spent around 15 hours of my time doing it.  This is my second major tile project and it makes me want to take on another one.  I think I may replace the tile in the guest bath next.

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Writing that Wowed Me

This week’s Writing that Wowed Me pays attention to the shopping season we have entered.  Gift Giving and Holiday Spending can get out of hand if you don’t keep your eye on it.

How To Save Up To 30% Or More
On Christmas Presents

Michael Dinich preps us for the holiday gifting season.  He presents many ways to save money while online shopping.  

There are so many deals websites, shopping portals, credit card bonuses, etc. which help you save money on each purchase.  It’s great to have a guide to help analyze ways to save.



Halt Catch Fire gives us an evaluation list to consider during holiday shopping.  It boils down to these things should cost less than each other.  Phone < Tablet < Desktop Computer < Laptop < Car < House.

I think we have this priority down for the most part.  Except our phones cost more than our tablets because that’s how we chose to spend our time with the devices.


7 Things I Don’t Buy for the Holidays

I really enjoyed this article by the Debt Shrink.  She lists our seven items that their household doesn’t buy each year for the holidays.

I enjoyed the environmentally friendly ideas such as no plastic utensils or purchased gift wrap.  What really hit home though was the artificial tree purchase.  We are on our third artificial tree in 5 years.  The prelit bulbs keep failing.  Last year we purchased one that is supposed to last, but if it doesn’t we may need to completely rethink our Christmas tree situation.


Holiday Gift-Giving Guide


Laurie at the Three Year Experiment has a clever idea for a holiday gift guide.  Each item on her list is inspired by their family’s decision to cap spending at $20 per adult person.

This is an absolutely great idea and something we should try with our family.  We are averaging between $50 and $75 per adult and child that we exchange with (12 people).  If we just did this with the 9 adults we could save $350-$400 each Christmas.


50 Great Frugal Christmas Gifts Under $50 This Holiday Season


Scott at Making Momentum gives us another Christmas gift list.  Lots of great ideas on here that don’t break the bank.

We are also huge fans of the Edison patio string lights and the Yeti rambler.  The book list has quite a few that I’ve been wanting to read.


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What else am I reading?

I try and keep at least one audiobook loaded to my audible app which I’ve been listening to lately in the car through apple car-play, at the gym, on the treadmill or walking in my neighborhood.  In addition to the audiobook, I keep one book on my Kindle Oasis that I work through before bed at a very slow pace (compared to the audiobook).  

I should also note that Amazon has a new Kindle Paperwhite model out which is less expensive than the Oasis.  It’s now waterproof and supports audible.

What I finished this week


Audiobook’s I’m listening to this week

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. – 35% complete.

Classic story.  I haven’t read this since high school which is about 20 years past.  

I’m listening to this through the Libby app for free from my local library.  Love that.  The Libby phone app is great.  My only beef is that it doesn’t have any Apple CarPlay interface.

Kindle Book’s I’m reading this week

Mr. Groovy’s – The Groovy Guide to Financial Independence: How to Escape the Tyranny of Mandatory Toil in Fourteen Years or Less – 32% complete.   I’m really liking Mr. Groovy’s writing style so far and I think I need to spend more time on their blog!  This is a great value at $9.95.

Shelved for the time being

Kathryn Stockett’s The Help – 28% complete.  I’ve put this down for a short time while I focus on reading Mr. Groovy’s book.


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